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Steel Structures for Warehouses in South Africa

You find structural steel everywhere around you from skyscrapers to bridges. Have you ever wondered why steel is preferred over other construction materials for these structures? Just imagine driving your car on a wooden bridge that is a mile long. Would you be confident doing that? Steel is a material that can stand a lot of wear and tear, and extreme weather conditions. Almost nothing affects the integrity of steel structures.


Why steel structures?

Steel structures always have the best weight-to-strength ratio and at the same time these structures can be easily restructured by simply unbolting the connections that hold them. Depending on your durability and temperature-resistance needs, you can opt for the right type of steel for your steel structures. Since steel is an alloy, its composition can be varied and you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

Since brick and wood structures need a lot of customization, they can prove to be quite expensive. Steel structures on the other hand can simply be welded or bolted together, which translates into lesser costs. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you hire experts to construct a building that lasts for generations.


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Steel Frame Structures in South Africa

Choose the right partner for your steel structure construction

De Wet Nel Construction is one of the industry leaders in steel fabrication and erection in South Africa. They provide you complete services that include earthworks, foundation, reinforcement fixing, scaffolding, erection of structural steel framework and roof surfaces, and many more. Having been in business for over 2 decades, you are assured that you are in good hands with De Wet Nel Construction.

The company has see the growth of South Africa and has been helping businesses come up with strong buildings throughout the country in today’s fast-growing economy. Throughout these years, De Wet Nel Construction has managed to maintain very high standards quality in construction while keeping the rates affordable.

De Wet Nel Construction Offers its Experience for Your Benefit

De Wet Nel Construction has a team of experts with years of experience in constructing steel structures who offer you suggestions that are right for your needs. So, with this company, you not only get quality materials and services but also valuable advice that you would badly need during every step of construction.

If you are looking to partner with a reliable construction company that is light on your pocket and also provides quality services, call De Wet Nel Construction right away at 016-931-9737.