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Steel Structures in South Africa

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Steel has become one of the most renowned building materials throughout the construction industry as a whole.  The use of steel structures in South Africa is far surpassing the use of any alternative form of building material such as brick, cement and wood.

Steel is designed from iron and carbon and is used throughout many forms of construction such as steel structured buildings, cables, bolts, temporary props and decking elements.


Building Projects / Steel Structures

Steel Frame Structures in South Africa

Some attributes that makes steel structures in South Africa a preferred building material:

  • When galvanized, steel is resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Steel is solid and air-tight, making it resistant to damage from winds, hail storms and even forces of nature like tsunamis and similar adverse weather conditions.

Steel has two main features being that it is much stronger than any other building material and also that it is much lighter than any other building material, which makes installation a breeze as well as give the structure owner peace of mind that his stored product will be safe and dry under almost any circumstances.

Due to steel structures’ many advantages, it is now being used in a variety of construction platforms such as the following:

Within the industrial sector it is used to build warehouses, store rooms and factories.  Within the recreational sector it is being used to build schools, churches, shops, libraries, hospitals and office blocks.  Within the residential sector steel structures in South Africa are widely used to build private homes, flats, out-buildings and any addition to the home such as verandas.

Steel offers a much cooler, cleaner and more professional look in terms of office blocks, hospitals and schools and is so versatile that it can be designed to look clean and sophisticated, as when it is used within a modern residential home.

De Wet Nel construction have realised the importance of the steel industry, have become expertise in the steel construction industry and have therewith built up a reputation of being one of the best quality manufacturers and suppliers of steel structures in South Africa.  Give us a call at (016) 931-9737 to see how we can assist you with your building needs at a fraction of the cost of any alternative building material.