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Steel Structures in Midrand, South Africa

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Structural steel is a material used widely in the construction industry for building purposes.  It is a material that has been manufactured too certain mechanical and chemical quality standards and according to strict shapes and cross sections.

There are different types of structural steel which the selection thereof will depend on the exact needs for your structure type, size and area and will also be dependent on the temperature and weather conditions.  Steel structures in Midrand are available in different types such as carbon steel, high strength low alloy steel, corrosion resistant high strength low alloy steel and quenched and tempered alloy steel.


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Whichever type of steel structure you might need, purchasing from a reputable provider of steel structures in Midrand will guarantee that every single component and part of the steel structure such as the steel sections and plate, hollow sections, pre loadable bolts, non-preload able bolts and fabricated steel itself have been manufactured to the strictest international quality standards.


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Steel Frame Structures in South Africa

Factors that make our steel structures in Midrand a far more superior building:

While alternative building materials such as concrete, wood and brick each have their own advantages, steel structures have been found to have far more advantages when it comes to price, quality, longevity, strength and ease of construction or dismantling.

One of the most important advantages that steel structures possess is it is entirely fire proof.  If one looks at only the amount of heat it takes to melt the product, it would be safe to say that although it would become very hot in the case of a surrounding fire, it would not burn or melt.  When compared to other building materials such as wood and brick which has been proven to burn, a steel structure would be a much better option for any structure that keeps valuable items, whether it be a warehouse, school, hospital or residential home.

Steel is generally a much safer, clean, neat and easy way of having a structure built and reputable companies providing steel structures in Midrand such as Steel Frame Structures have become the most trusted names in the construction industry.  If you have any queries as to how our team at DeWet Nel Steel Frame Structures can customize a structural package for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us at (016) 931-9737 for professional service at the most competitive prices.