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Steel Structures for sale in South Africa

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When you are looking to have a structure built, whether it be an office building, an industrial workshop or storeroom or even a modern residential home, you should firstly consider having the building constructed from a reputable company offering steel structures for sale.


Building Projects / Steel Structures

Steel Frame Structures in South Africa

Steel structures have been found to be much more versatile and of a higher quality due to the following factors:

  • Steel is much stronger per length than any other building material available.
  • Steel is resistant to corrosion (when pre-treated), impossible to burn, resistant to all insects that would otherwise bore through wood and resistant to all adverse weather conditions such as storms, hail, strong winds and even tsunamis.
  • The Steel Structures are then furthermore a much cheaper building product when compared to wood, brick or cement and needs much less maintenance in the long run.
  • Steel is very versatile in the way that it can be designed, shaped and cut to any size, shape or form that you need for your business or residential purposes.
  • The installation process of a steel structure is quicker, easier and much less messy, as there would be no building rubble on site.
  • Once you have chosen you design, the steel structure will be cut to shape at the factory, transported and set up by qualified labourers of the company offering the steel structures for sale.
  • Within the steel structure company there would be a qualified designer and planner that would assist you with all the necessary planning of the structure that you would need.

The floor plan would be discussed and followed by details like the height of the building, the amount of rooms needed, the amount and shape of doors or openings needed and also the amount, shape and size of windows needed.  Once the design phase is complete, the steel structure company will set our shaping and cutting the steel into the exact design that you require.

When looking for a reputable company offering steel structures for sale as well as the installation, treatment and maintenance thereof, you can rest assured that you can rely on the expertise of De Wet Nel construction.  If you do at any time have a query or are in need of steel structures, please give us a call at (016) 931-9737 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist.