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Steel Structure Suppliers in South Africa

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Whatever your need for building a structure might be, whether it be to construct a sky scraper, a small office building or even a private home, you should know that the latest trend in construction has moved to making use of a reputable steel structure supplier in South Africa.


Steel Structures have become an integral part of modern day construction due to its many advantages when compared to traditional forms of building materials such as brick, cement and wood but one must also be aware that your steel structure construction experience will depend greatly on the standard and quality of steel structure supplier you will be using.  It is therefore vital that you do thorough research on the surrounding steel structure suppliers in South Africa and only make use of the most reputable name in the industry.


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Steel Frame Structures in South Africa

Why make DeWet Nel your Steel Structure Supplier in South Africa?

Although some steel structure suppliers will offer you unbelievable rates, construction duration times and “freebies”, you should be very careful of the one vital aspect of the company which is the quality of its steel.  It will cost you more money, time and labour in the long run in terms of maintenance, damages and replacement if you use an inferior steel to have the steel structure built when compared to a slightly higher charge of a reputable steel structure supplier in South Africa who may cost a bit more but will certainly be a better investment for long term purposes.

When comparing lesser quality steel to the best quality steel as provided by reputable and trustworthy steel structure suppliers in South Africa you will find major differences in quality in terms of the following:

  • Lesser quality steel will be thinner and therefore be weaker in terms of warping and getting damaged by storms and winds.
  • Higher quality steel structures will be more resistant to any adverse weather conditions and keep all merchandise and/or occupants safe and sound inside its steel walls.
  • Lesser quality steel will obviously not have been treated as this will be of a higher cost to the supplier, making this structure prone to rust and decrease in quality over a long period of exposure to the elements where a quality steel structure will truly stand the test of time and look as good as it did the day it was erected.

It is therefore plain to see how only a responsible person will rather invest in a reputable steel structure supplier in South Africa such as De Wet Nel Construction.  Phone us today at (016) 931-9737 to see how we can bring you the best quality and return on your investment.