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Steel structures in South Africa

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Steel Frame Structures in South Africa

Different Construction Fields where we Erecting Steel Structures

Steel is a metal alloy consisting of iron and carbon. Steel is utilized in a variety of construction fields to erect steel structures, cables, bolts, temporary props, as well as decking elements, among others. It is common for steel structures to be galvanized using zinc; this helps to protect the steel structures against corrosion and rust. When erecting steel structures, different steel members are welded or bolted together in order to make permanent connections. It is also quite common for steel to be used in conjunction with concrete or timber when new steel structuresare erected. Get a quote today.

The different construction fields erecting steel structures include the following:

Industrial Construction

A number of industrial buildings are in fact steel structures. Some of these include warehouses, factories, and recreation centers. The use of structural steel to construct these steel structures is quite common. Each steel member to be used in the steel structure is manufactured to precise measurement. Fabricators use computer modeling to calculate the exact size and length of each piece of the steel structure before they are made and shipped out to site.

Residential Construction

Steel members are also used to construct the entire internal steel structure (frame) of a house through the use of a typical stud framing system. Steel studs are similar to timber studs in size and shape and are available in regular (rectangular) and open stud (square C shape) sections. This steel structure is galvanized to protect it against moisture. Steel structures are strong, durable, lightweight and non flammable, making it a great choice for fire-prone areas. Many steel members used in the erection of steel structures are fabricated with pre-drilled holes for ease of installation. This in turn saves time and money.

Civil Construction

Steel is one of the most common materials used in steel structures such as large-scale bridge building. Because of its high-tensile capacity, steel is used in the form of large steel cables used as suspension members or post-tensioning systems. A great deal of computer modeling is to be used in order to analyze the dead loads (the weight of the structure itself), live loads (temporary weight such as cars and people) and wind loads to design steel structures adequately.

Commercial Construction

Stadiums, skyscrapers, and multi-floor office buildings are all commonly built steel structures using steel in some or other form. Large-scale construction projects often employ trusses to increase the structural capacity of steel structures. Tower cranes used during the construction process are also constructed from steel sections are thus technically also steel structures.

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