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Build a Strong Home with Steel Frame Construction

There was a time when wood was most extensively used in the construction of houses. The modern technology, environmental awareness and the knowledge about the benefits of steel frame construction, has now brought down the use of wood to a great degree. Use of steel frame construction is not only convenient but also an inexpensive replacement to wood. Apart from this, steel frame construction is resistant to termites, which can destroy the wood


Keep your costs down

For most people, cost is a major concern that leads them to make compromises on styling and size of the house. When you make use of steel frame construction, the cost of building the house goes down considerably, so that you can build the house that you have dreamt of all your life. If you choose a good steel frame construction company like De Wet Nel Construction, you are even assured of great design and quality for your house. With over 20 years in steel frame construction in Johannesburg, this company can give you valuable suggestions in materializing your ideas as to how your house should look. At the same time, they also help you keep the cost of construction down.


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Steel Frame Structures in South Africa

Hire reliable experts

When you hire a company that is built on its reputation for quality like De Wet Nel, you can rest assured that nothing can go wrong. The company is an industry leader when it comes to steel frame construction in Johannesburg and the rest of South Africa.

So, in essence, De Wet Nel Construction proves to be a one-stop solution that provides you all the services to present you a perfect home. If you are a resident of Johannesburg and are planning to get a new house constructed or make additions to your existing one, you should call De Wet Nel Construction without delay at 016-931-9737 for steel frame construction in South Africa.