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Steel Fabricators in South Africa

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There are many services that steel fabricators in South Africa are able to offer in order to cater to your building needs, with steel frame construction being one important aspect thereof. The method of construction with steel frames as the main material that is preferred by steel fabricators in South Africa has been found so much more advantageous than the more traditional materials like cement. There are obvious reasons therefore for instance that it can be manufactured and erected at a much lower cost at an estimate of around 2 – 3% less than traditional materials, it is a very strong material but can be shaped as seen fit as well as that it can stand up to the effects of harsh weather conditions.


Another service that steel fabricators in South Africa are able to offer the client is the availability of pre-manufactured steel frames and structures, cutting the erection time and labour costs by almost half when compared to the traditional building materials and methods. Pre-manufactured steel structures have the advantage that it has been manufactured off site and can easily be transported and erected at any building site throughout the country. It is a quick, neat and easy process, leaving no building rubble and debris behind.


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Steel Frame Structures in South Africa

As mentioned, there are many advantages through using steel fabricators in South Africa when compared to traditional building constructors. Here are more advantages:

Steel fabricators in South Africa make use of steel as their preferred building material due to the advantages in these important features:

  • Steel is a much more economically friendly material to build with.
  • There is continuous technological development regarding steel frame manufacturing within the design plan of steel fabricators in South Africa.
  • From design to manufacturing all the way up to erection, this material saves steel fabricators in South Africa time, money and labour costs, thereby making it a very versatile material to work with.
  • Regarding flexibility, the reason steel fabricators in South Africa make use of steel is because it is stronger than any other building material but has the ability to be formed, bent and shaped to the exact specifications that the client might need, further contributing to its versatility.
  • Where safety for both the labourer and steel fabricators in South Africa is concerned, steel structures are far less dangerous to manufacture, transport and erect than the more traditional alternatives like brick.
  • One very important reason why steel fabricators in South Africa make use of steel is for, as mentioned, its versatility. This applies to the use of steel for all types of structures, in all weather conditions and within both the corporate and private sectors. When a home is build from steel structures, steel fabricators in South Africa are able to design and erect the steel structure to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

There are many more reasons why more companies as well as private persons are starting to prefer steel structures as a preferred method of building and steel fabricators in South Africa are therewith becoming more driven to deliver the best possible products and services to their ever growing list of clientele.

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