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Steel Construction in South Africa

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After careful consideration, it is fair to state that the ongoing steel construction company in South Africa is a direct result of the growing economy of the country.  Building projects are quite expensive, indicating that the growing steel construction in South Africa can only be a good thing for the country’s economic and financial situation over the long term.  This being the case, it should be quite obvious that steel construction in South Africa has subsequently become big business.


Gone are the days when only wood and later on brick were used in the erection of buildings or any other type of structure.  Although these two building materials are still utilized in a scarce capacity, steel has emerged as the preferred building material in most construction projects, no matter the magnitude thereof.

There are a few reasons for this being the case of which the most important can probably be linked to the fact that steel is so advantageous.  Chances are that those individuals working within the construction industry will confirm this statement.  It should be quite obvious that both building contractors and home/business owners will rather invest in a high quality building material such as steel that will be more advantageous over the long term than lower quality building materials like wood and brick.  This is also a big driving force behind the continuous growth of steel construction in South Africa.

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Steel Frame Structures in South Africa

Dewet Nel Construction contributes to the Steel Construction in South Africa

Seeing as Dewet Nel Construction is a big role player in the local steel industry, we are excited about the huge growth and popularity of steel construction in South Africa.  This allows us the opportunity to subsequently make a contribution to the country’s construction industry by means of participating actively in the steel construction in South Africa.  Being quite reputable, Dewet Nel Construction has become a well-known name in the building industry, being respected by both our target market and industry competitors.

Because we have come to know and understand the different needs and wants of our clientele and customer base over the years, we have really developed a deep passion and excitement for steel construction in South Africa.  All the employees working for Dewet Nel Construction also have sound knowledge concerning steel seeing as we stay on top of the latest technological trends and innovations in the industry.  This is even more reason why you should seriously consider making Dewet Nel Construction your steel supplier of choice.  Thus do not hesitate to contact us when you have needs relating to steel construction in South Africa.

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