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Fabrication Steel Structures in South Africa

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The importance of fabrication steel structures for your building needs. When you are next faced with a building project that you have to budget and plan for, you might firstly focus your thoughts of building with brick or stone and good old cement. What one must remember is that, with today’s technology that has influenced the construction industry as well, fabrication steel structures can now be considered as an alternative form for building.


As with anything, there are both advantages and disadvantages, and applies to fabrication steel structures as well. But if you compare the above to more traditional building materials, you will find that fabrication steel structures are far more beneficial to you, the client and the fabrication steel structures companies.

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Steel Frame Structures in South Africa

Below we will look at a few advantages of fabrication steel structures that far surpass those of traditional building materials:

Value for money

  • Fabrication steel structures cost far less per m than alternative materials like brick, mortar and concrete, making it more affordable to manufacture and erect. This saves both the fabrication steel structures company as well as the client material as well as product costs.
  • Fabrication steel structures are being pre-manufactured at the company itself and are then transported to the building site for instant erection.


  • Although steel is one of the strongest materials available, it is still possible to bend, shape and divide it, making its versatility more than the traditional materials.
  • Fabrication steel structures can be used for virtually any design, size, shape and function of any structure throughout the world.
  • As a whole, fabrication steel structures are lighter, stronger and more protected against harsh elements than any other building material, therefore having a much longer lifespan.


  • As fabrication steel structures can be pre-manufactured and instantly erected, it saves the construction many hours on labour costs which directly relates to more value for the client.
  • One advantage thereof is that both the construction company and the client will have an exact idea of what the completed structure will look like, as both parties would have had an important role during the designing phases.
  • The coating technology enables for quick drying, further saving time during the manufacturing process.
  • The manufacturing period of the fabrication steel structures it is far less than that of traditional materials.


  • Within the fabrication steel structures industry, extensive research is done regarding construction safety which labourers have to adhere to.
  • The pre-manufacturing of the fabrication steel structures relates to less activity on the building site as a cause of too many labourers.
  • Due to the fact that the fabrication steel structures have been pre-manufactured, there is no debris and building rubble left behind at the site which could cause injury.

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