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Building Steel Structures in South Africa

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With the more traditional ways of building a structure becoming redundant, a new innovation in structure building has become the process of building steel structures.

Building steel structures in South Africa has become the most preferred way of building due to the following factors:

  • Steel structures are less expensive to manufacture, erect and maintain than wood, brick or concrete and therefore much more effective as a profitable building material for both the client and the steel structure company.
  • Steel structures are far lighter by length but also far stronger when compared to more traditional building materials.
  • As steel is derived from man-made materials, steel structures are far more environmentally friendly than wood.
  • Steel structures are seen as a “green” form of building as it can contain assist better in the running of solar powered components due to its capacity for containing the sun’s energy.
  • Steel structures are treated with the least amount of effort to be resistant to rust, wind, rain and more resistant to harsh weather conditions like hurricanes and tornados.
  • Due to steel structures being pre-manufactured on site, there is no residues in terms of building rubble left behind after the installation process has commenced.

The installation process of steel structures is therefore much less time consuming, relating to less labour and installation costs when compared to traditional building materials like brick and wood.


Building Projects / Steel Structures

Steel Frame Structures in South Africa

How does the process of building steel structures in South Africa commence?

  • Upon the consultation with the representative of the steel structures company, the blue-print with the structure’s design will be discussed and possible additions and changes will be made to suit both the steel structure company and the client.
  • The steel structure company will then attain all the needed permits for building the steel structure on said site, upon which a date will be confirmed.
  • Upon the confirmed day of the installation of the steel structure, the steel structure company will, along with its team of labourers, transport the pre-manufactured sheets, support poles and accessories to the construction site.
  • The frame, floor, sides, windows and doors will be erected, bolted and securely fitted as per safety conditions.  As this process, depending on its size could take anything from a few hours to a few days, the construction team will make haste of erecting the steel structure in the safest and most time effective way possible.

De Wet Nel Construction pride ourselves on providing the best service when it comes to building steel structures in South Africa and we have built up a reputation of being one of the most sought after steel structure companies in the country.  Contact us for a customized quotation to suit your every need regarding the building of your steel structure.